Being More Active on the Internet

Well this is kind of embarrassing, huh? One of my resolutions was to basically be more active on the internet. I have been more active on Discord (seriously, if you have one, you can add me y’know!), YouTube leaving comments, my school work, and Myanimelist website. I haven’t been very active on here even though this is part of the internet I’m a part of! Shame on me for not being on here more often!

Let me change that with this post! I was on a vacation a few weeks ago, and I loved it. I was at Disney World with my family. I really needed that vacation and the good news is the pass we have guarantees two more times this year. I don’t know when we’ll be doing it again, but I’ll be looking forward to it. I always loved Orlando, Florida and found it to be a nice city worth visiting and possibly living in. I want to visit with my cousin (who’s not my actual cousin, but still) one day as well.

I realized I love staying at hotels. I’m not sure exactly why either. I love the atmosphere and vibe I get from them, at least the hotel we were staying at. Staying up late and watching TV isn’t something I do often, but when I do, there’s no one better than me at it! The bath had what seemed like unlimited hot water. It reminded me of the time I was on campus at uni and the apartment back when I lived in Germany which both had the same feature. I kind of don’t like it because I can spend over an hour in the bath. But at the same time it’s like an aquatic steam-filled sanctuary! I get lost in my own thoughts and can meditate while water is pouring down my head.

I don’t know what the blog schedule on here will be since school started and that’s been taking up more of my time. But if I’m going to stick to my resolution, then I need to be more present on here too! I’m sure I’ll find a way! Even if I don’t post anything, from now on, I’ll at least make sure to check the reader every day or night. So you’ll most likely see my face and name one way or another! 🙂


That’s all I have to say, thanks for reading!

そんじゃ あばよ!!

A Vacation

I definitely need one, and that’s what I’ll be on for this weekend. I just need a place to get away from it all to recharge and recuperate. This upcoming vacation reminds me of the time I was talking with my brother years ago and we were talking about the last time we went on vacation. “What even is a vacation?” he asked because it was so long since we last had one.

It was definitely a more common thing when we lived in Germany, lol. Of course I’d like to have another vacation by the end of the year so it’d be like making this vacation thingy, at least for this year, come full circle. I had one around the beginning, and I had one around the end. I feel like they’ll give me a sense of peace and warmth I’ll never get by just staying in the same place.

On another note, I have a new wallpaper for my laptop. It’s pretty bitchin’ if I do say so myself!

First Post of 2021 (My New Year’s Resolutions!)

Happy New Year!

Out with the old and in with the new! May you all be happy this year all the way through. And I hope that you all will have many blessings in the years to come. If you made it through this year in one piece, I salute you. You did well!

With all that said, the start of 2021 is a good time to go in and make some challenging, but fun changes. It’s amazing what a few fixes can do to improve your body, mind and life. Every year, every month, every day I try to be a better version of myself. Well, since it’s early in the year, now (okay, I did this already in my journal, but I’m writing it here also) is the chance to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes I want to make, and I’ve decided to give myself a bit of help by going a little more in depth about why I want or should be doing them in the first place. Here are my resolutions for 2021!


Earn more money

The sooner the better. I’m one of those people who doesn’t think money is evil or bad per se. I believe If you love money so much that it affects everything that you say and do, it can be bad indeed. If it is your first priority in life, it again can be bad. It’s not how much you have or don’t have, it’s what you do with it that counts. Anyway, I can definitely use an additional source of income to make life a bit more comfortable. Thankfully, I have a wonderful brother who can help me in this endeavor. 


Buy my niece a gift at Disney World

It’ll be her first time there, so why not?


Start YouTube vlog 

This year is the year to start something I’ve been putting in the backseat for some time. It’s time to add vlogger to my creative resume. It’s time to show another part of the internet *Bobby Caldwell voice* where I’ve been. I know I’ve talked about it on here so I won’t mention it any more until I’ve uploaded my first video. I actually just looked at my account, and I’ve signed up years ago on the 15th of January. Like this blog, my vlog will be another way to express myself and connect with others. I believe I have ideas worth sharing and I want that artistic fulfillment. 

I would like to end the year with 1k subscribers too, but that will obviously depend on my productivity in this department.


Be more kind and sociable (especially on the internet)

Not that I’m not already (hee). I’d like to meet and befriend some new people this year. I’d like to be more present and have a bigger presence. I’ve become more active on Discord, so if you want, you can send me your Discord thingy. This goes with the above resolution so they pretty much complement each other.


Graduate university 

‘Bout time, eh? I don’t have much to say other than it’s time to end this chapter of my life. I want to pursue formal education even further and obtain a master’s degree, but getting my bachelor’s comes first.


Learn Korean 

Another way to connect with others is to learn a language. This would also help in getting me to understand those K-pop lyrics.


Write and read more

Reading and writing are an excellent way to gain a lot of knowledge on a variety of topics, and they are also great exercises for the brain. So far I’ve been making it a habit and finding time to read 3 books and write in my journal.


Travel to Japan

Okay, this one is going to depend on how things turn out. I don’t see myself going any time soon, it most likely will be at the end of the year, more specifically, December. I’ll need to have my finances in order, get the right gear, and invest some time and effort before visiting the land of the rising sun. 


Watch at least 1 movie a week

Recently I’ve been binging Japanese horror (or J-horror) films and it’s been great! I have never been much of a movie buff so I want to change that since there are movies that have impacted pop culture and can be just as rewarding or stimulating as a book or anime. 


Give myself more compliments

I want to show gratitude, be humble, and love myself. That way the energy I radiate is one of warm positivity and the glow I give off can be amazing.


Stick to all the good, healthy habits I have

It helps with self-improvement. 


Get better at drawing

To the point I make an account to showcase my work. I need to learn portrait drawing this year too.


That’s all I have to say, thanks for reading!

そんじゃ あばよ!!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hooray! Another 365! Let’s see if I can do another!~

I don’t have much to say today, but this birthday has been great so far! It’s day like this that truly remind me that I am loved. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

That’s all I have to say, thanks for reading!

そんじゃ あばよ!!

10 Facts About Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars is the most fiery, mature and elegant of the Sailor Senshi. It’s worth nothing that out of all of them, her personality differs the most in the manga and anime. I feel like re-watching the original anime and rereading the manga in 2021 so before the new year starts I thought it’d be nice to talk about the girls who made that series so iconic starting with my favourite. Maybe you just know her as the passionate girl who got in fights with Sailor Moon and competed for Tuxedo Mask’s heart. The way she was shown in the anime, was the way I knew her for the longest time until I got around to reading the manga 10 years ago.

Below are ten facts about Rei Hino, also known as Sailor Mars!


10. She’s Portrayed Differently in the Manga

As mentioned before, her personality in the anime and manga are not the same whatsoever. I grew up watching the anime so I was floored when I saw her character develop and shown in the manga. I’m sure people who’ve been fans before the anime adaption had to have been thrown off when Rei appeared on their TV screens. In the manga, Sailor Mars is mature, elegant, conservative, stoic, well-disciplined, hard-working and acts like something of a big sister to Usasi (Sailor Moon). In the anime, while she’s still hard-working, she’s also hot-headed and is always getting caught up in petty fights with Sailor Moon. She even tries to usurp Usagi as leader at one point.

Another big change is her being boy crazy. Early on in the series, there’s a love triangle between her, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. This isn’t present in the manga and for good reason. Which brings me to my next fact…


9. She Has a Low Opinion of Men

“Do not depend on men!” is her motto. I’m not joking either. In the manga she dislikes men and romantic relationships, mostly because of her poor relationship with her father and past trauma. Her father is a famous politician who cares way more about his job than her (he only visits her on her birthday). She considers men emotionally weak and untrustworthy and doesn’t want to date anyone.

There was one exception though in the side story Casablanca Memory which focused on Rei, her backstory and her father. In it, she falls in love with her father’s young secretary, Kaidou. She becomes sad when she sees him with another girl (and making a face she’s never seen before) and even more so when he tells Rei about his engagement and his decision to become a politician. She asks if he wanted to marry into the profession, didn’t he choose to marry her due to her father’s political position. It’s a heartbreaking story and the only time Rei had warm feelings toward someone who wasn’t her friend.


8. She Attends a Catholic School

The above picture is the Sailor Senshi in their school uniforms and you tell right away that Rei’s is different. This is because she attends the Catholic institution T.A Private Girls School. It may seem a bit odd since in Japan Christianity isn’t a majority religion and Rei is a shinto priestess. A quick internet search shows that the main religions in Japan are Buddhism (69.8%) and Shinto (70.4%). Most Japanese people identify as members of both faiths. Christianity is at 1.4% when it comes to the country’s population.

With a bit more context, it does make more sense since a lot of the private schools in the Japan are religiously affiliated. Since Rei is the daughter of a famous politician, it makes sense for her to attend a more elite school.


7. Her Name

See the source image

A lot of manga writers enjoy giving special meaning to the names of their characters and Sailor Mars is no different. Her full name is Rei Hino. In Japanese, this is written as 火野 レイ. If you’re somewhat familiar with Japanese writing, you might notice that her first name is written in Katakana. It tends to be used to write foreign words incorporated into the Japanese language. It is weird because she is clearly a Japanese native and there is no kanji representation of her name. The kanji used to spell out has the one for fire (which is also used to write out the word Mars) and the other for plain, field, lacking a political post.

So her name translates to “ray of fire” and it’s quite fitting for a character who controls fire.


6. Her Pet Crows

I don’t remember crows being much of a thing in the anime, but they had a bigger impact on Sailor Mars in the manga. Rei has two pet crows who are very close to her and served as her guardians. She claims they told her their names and talking animals isn’t something so extraordinary in Sailor Moon. They’re named after the planet Mars’ two moons, Phobos and Deimos. They’re pretty smart and loyal to Rei. They were given human forms and gave Sailor Mars the Mars Crystal. I really liked them because I felt they added more depth to Rei’s character.


5. She Wears High Heels

Not only is her school uniform different, but so is part of her uniform when she transforms! Most of the Senshi wear variations of boots. However, Sailor Mars fight evil in red high heels and with no aid of something to keep her shoes on her feet. This is due to the fact that Sailor Mars was originally designed with her own unique outfit. Her shoe design is something that carried over from her early character design. Naoko Takeuchi eventually decided to make the Sailor Senshi all wear the same uniform, except for the shoes.

At one point in the manga, Rei says to an evildoer, “With my high heels, I will punish you!


4. Her Design Was Inspired By A J-Pop Idol

I can see the resemblance. A few of characters from the series are based on real people. Mars is one of those people and her appreance was inspired by by the singer, actress, and model Alisa Mizuki. Mizuki sings the ending song for Sailor Moon Stars “風も空もきっと/Kaze mo, Sora mo, Kitto” and two versions of the song were used on the show. She made her debut as a singer when she was 15 years old, and when Takeuchi was creating Sailor Moon, Mizuki was around 14-15 years old which happens to be the same age as the Sailor Mars (and the rest of the Senshi).


3. Hikawa Shrine is Based on a Real Shrine

The Hikawa Shrine is the shrine where Sailor Mars and her grandfather live and of course where she performs her priestess duties. The Hikawa Shrine is also a shrine in real life in Tokyo, Japan. Its full name is Akasaka Hikawa Shrine and it’s a shrine I’d like to see as a fan of Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon in general. Unfortunately, you won’t meet Sailor Mars there.


2. Where’s Her Mom?

With her father being absent and living with her grandfather, a question you might ask is “Where is her mom?” Good question, and unlike the anime, the manga answers this one. Her mother died when Rei was still a little girl due to some illness. Despite the tragedy, her father maintained his political career and Rei ended up living with her grandfather. Her mother is another reason Rei resents her father because he never visited her mother when she was in the hospital.



1. She Was Based on the Writer/Artist’s Experiences as a Shinto Priestess

Crazy, right? Art really does imitate life a lot in Sailor Moon. The artist was at one point a miko, or a a Shinto shrine maiden. Miko traditions date back to the Joumon period and in modern times are trained to perform sacred cleanses, the sacred Kagura dance, and help maintain the shrines by cleaning and reception work.

Rei wears red and white shrine priestess robe when she’s on duty and is an expert archer. Miko are known for archery and her training as a shrine priestess is reflected through her attack Mars Flame Sniper.


And that’s it! Do you know any other facts about Sailor Mars? Is she your favourite Senshi? Let me know in the comments section! Hopefull you learned something new about her reading this.


That’s all I have to say, thanks for reading!

そんじゃ あばよ!!

貴様: You!

Note: Here’s my translation of the above image if you want to know.

Spy: Wha…
Kaiba: Thanks to you…….. My rare card got damaged!!
Spy: Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ouchie! My, my finger!!!!!!

I’m sure you’ve heard the word before in anime. Ahhh, yes. The word kisama 貴様. And if you watch anime with subtitles, there are a variety of English words for it. I’ve seen it mean (you) bastard, (you) bitch, damn you, darn you, etc. But does it REALLY mean those things? Do Japanese people say it in real life? And what’s the meaning of the kanji? I plan on answering all those questions with this post.


The meaning today

According to various Japanese people I’ve known and talked to online and offline, the word is not used. End of story. The consensus was they never heard the word outside of anime and manga and if a non-Japanese person like myself would use it, they would think I watch too much anime/was an otaku. No one uses it seriously unless they want to pretend they’re a character or are quoting lines from them.

If your goal is to offend someone who speaks Japanese this is not the word for you. It’s kind of like a Shakespeare way of insulting someone. Something like, “I scorn you, scurvy companion. “ Yeah, it’s not a nice thing to say, but is anyone really going to take that seriously?

In anime and manga though, it is used seriously and usually in a derogatory manner. It would be derogatory in real life too, but again, no one says it. It’s the meanest and most hostile way to say the pronoun “you” in Japanese. Characters call others that especially if they’re really angry at someone or to convey their contempt for them. Then you have characters like Kaiba, Medaka Kurokami, and Vegeta who use the word in a more casual way so what gives?


Kanji meaning

貴様 consists of two kanji. The first one means valuable and the second one means -sama. The same honorific -sama that can be added to the end of someone’s name. Also it can be used when talking to customers and the like. It’s funny and ironic because the word would be like “the valuable great you” even though there isn’t anything respectful about saying it these days.

According to wikitionary it was

Originally used as a term of honor and respect in the correspondence of samurai households, used to refer to social superiors. Later became a more colloquial term, and by the late Edo period, it was used to refer to social equals or even inferiors.

So it originally started out as a formal way for samurais to address each other. Then in the Edo period it made its way to every day speech. While it was still mostly used by samurai, it was also used of people of lower status. As time went on it lost its polite status and started to be used for people of equal status, and then gradually it was used to speak down to someone. By the Meiji period, it was used as a derogatory term.

The part of using it toward people of lower status makes sense with characters like Kaiba, Medaka and Vegeta. If you are a billionaire, president of a school, or prince basically everyone is under you. In any vertical, pyramid-like society, the top is smaller than the base and there aren’t many people at the top compared to the bottom. People of high rank referring to others as if they were of equal status would be odd for any of those characters unless they’re humble (none of them are).



Another rude way to say you in Japanese like, てめえ/temee. This is one that has a chance of being used in real life, but I have yet to hear anyone say it. Like 貴様, the word is used way more often in anime and manga. I’ve heard and seen it used mostly by street gangsters, high school delinquents and the like so it gives off a rough and street vibe to it. Another neat thing about てめえ is that it can also mean “oneself”. Like if you wanted to say something like “One should figure things out on their own”.


And that’s it! I hope this gave a better understanding on the word and you learned a little about its history. There are better options to say “you” which I’ll go over in the future. Even though it’s not used seriously, I find 貴様 to be a funny word to say and like to do so around my friends.


That’s all I have to say, thanks for reading!

そんじゃ あばよ!!

The Latest Love Live Has the Two Most Relatable Characters

Well for me that is.

Love Live has been a franchise that I always had a soft spot for. It’s to the point my brother and sister will sometimes tease me and ask if an anime I’m watching is about a girl band or some school idol. Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai is the latest output from Love Live and as of this writing, I’m 8 episodes in and it’s a joy to watch. What has always been one of Love Live’s strong points is the characters and this one is no different in that regard.

From the original and the spin-off Sunshine, there has been a best girl or a favourite of mine. While all 9 characters of each anime are endearing, there’s inevitably going to be one character I’m going to resonate with the most or find the most entertaining. As the title states though, there is not one, but two characters that are the best to me!

Ai Miyashita (left) and Rina Tennoji

What I find the most interesting about these two is how they are like avatars to two parts of my life. Rina represents how I carried myself throughout my childhood and Ai is how I’m more like in my adulthood. Despite how different these two are, they’re best friends, and while the anime doesn’t show all of Rina’s past, it implies that Ai was the first person she befriended. Now I’d like to look at each character individually and explain how I see myself in them so much.


Rina Tennoji

Rina isn’t the best at expressing herself and she has a hard time showing her emotions on her face. This is why she has a sketchpad she calls “Rina-chan Board” where she can draw how she feels. When the cast and characters were announced, she was the only idol who had her face covered, so it did add some mystery to her. She’s incredibly shy and has a hard time making friends, but she’s trying to improve herself by talking more to others and has a friend in Ai.

Rina was definitely me when I was a kid. I was painfully shy and quiet. I’m sure I talked about it before, but so much to the point that my parents would force me to order my own food just to get me to talk. And yes, I hated doing it with every fiber of my being. Just like Rina though, I had an interest in science and excelled at it too. My biggest hobby as a kid was video games and I loved going to arcades like Rina.

I was often the quiet person, especially in groups or with new people. I felt there was something wrong with me, and I needed to change. It definitely would take some time (and by that, I mean years), but I was improving. Little by little, I was breaking out of my shell. Of course there were times I fumbled along the way, but I kept trying. One example was when I had a brief moment in my life where for some reason, I would sometimes experience cold sweats socializing with people I didn’t know.  While I can’t shake off everything from my childhood personality, I’m happy I’m at a point in my life where I’m more outspoken, outgoing, and have no fear of talking to strangers or anyone.

I wouldn’t have done so well in my public speech class if I was who I was as a kid, nor would I ever think in a bajillion years to make a vlog because I would have to present what I want to say to a world of strangers, but I also cared what people thought back then too!


Ai Miyashita

Ai Miyashita is outgoing and would most likely be the life and center of any party she went to. Now I haven’t reached THAT level yet, but I am sociable and willing to talk to strangers at any given time. She’s willing to help anyone in need and is very caring especially when it involves her family or friends. Speaking of friends, she’s friends with Rina! Like me, she likes to use a lot of slang. I don’t know if she makes up her own like I do, but using slang goes well with her ギャル/gyaru image.

Despite being popular at her school Ai is down-to-earth and does not think she’s better than others. She’s just herself at the end of the day and that’s all she wants to be. Her use of her bad puns causes the other characters to cringe, but she finds them hilarious.

I’ve realized that I’m an extrovert. I like socializing and making connections with people. I find that to be energizing and see the social world that awaited me was a big one. Ai is what you can call the mood maker of the group and radiates positive energy. She has an interest in fashion too and does great at her school work and idol activities. Ai’s performance in all aspects of school in combination with the amount of friend she has makes her a popular and highly likable character.


That’s all I have to say, thanks for reading!

そんじゃ あばよ!!

やっぱり、Yui Is the Best Girl

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. (Oregairu for short) latest season ended back in September and I still am, and have always been of the opinion that Yui is the best girl. Yes, the ヤハロ greeting, cookie making, friend getting, cell phone carrying, Hachiman crushing girl Yui was the best in the series.

Yui Yuigahama is one of the two main female characters in the anime. She is a happy, upbeat girl that constantly has a smile on her face even when she’s sad or upset. She’s a student in Class 2F of Sōbu High School and the first official customer of the Service club. She later becomes the third member of the Service Club. Unlike the other two members, she isn’t cynical, but she still has her own problems to deal with.

From the beginning, she’s been kind to Hahciman and it’s always been heavily implied that she harbored feeling for him. Hachiman being a cynical douche at the beginning, just thought she was only being nice to him because she pitied him. He thought nice girls are only nice for face value. Oh my sweet summer child, if only you knew. If only you knew who was trying to tear down the walls to your heart. This always created a vibe between the two that sometimes came at odds because her feelings did not go through even at times when she wanted them to. By always being on guard, he never found out that she always loved him until it was too late.


First Impressions

Yui was the character I instantly gravitated to and had the first positive impression. My first thought of Hachiman and Yukino was more around the lines of “Ugh, cynical douchebag”. Okay, I’m not quick to judge people in real life, and these days I also extend that same courtesy to fictional characters because the writers can make them change for the better just like real people can change. Anyway, even when her issues came to light and some of her past was revealed, my mind didn’t change. She’s really the glue that keeps the Service Club together.

Her cheerful energy wasn’t a front or something fake, it’s who she is to her core. She always thinks of other’s happiness and wants them to be together. She also has a habit of giving people nicknames. She does her best and wants to improve like her cooking/baking when she finally made cookies that weren’t burnt.



I should’ve mentioned it earlier, but this post is a combination of “Yui is the best character in the series” and “Hachiman X Yui”.

Yui is the polar opposite of Hachiman. Hachiman being cold, strict of everyone and everything, cynical, distant and an outcast. Whereas Yui is warm, open, popular, and optimistic. Indeed, Yui sometimes finds Hachiman’s personality and distorted thinking of youth to be annoying and depressing. She admires and appreciates his honesty though. On the flip side, he has the same feelings about her upbeat personality and happy mentality. It’s interesting how Yui is popular and hangs out with the popular kids, but managed to break through his shell and fell for him.

She wanted to thank Hachiman for saving her dog, but hesitated to thank him or tell him that it was her dog he saved. When Hachiman becomes aware of that, things get complicated between them and he distant himself from her for a bit. The two do eventually reconcile and she spends more time with him and gets closer. It’s one of her defining characteristics. Yui has gotten a lot of attention in the anime’s narrative for it, with her feelings for Hachiman and the conflict that it brings.



As stated a number of times already, Yui is the outgoing girl who can raise the energy in the room. Compared to the other characters of the series, Yui is definitely the most “normal” one. She used to not be the best at expressing her opinions and thoughts because she wanted to fit in, but that changed when she joined the Service Club. Despite her smiley disposition, she can and does express other emotions and feelings, especially as the anime progresses and she comes to deeper terms with her feelings with Hachiman. So just as she can be energetic, cheerful, kind and caring, she can also be sad, insecure, angry and confused. She may not be a small town girl living in a lonely world, but she is a girl who has relatable teenager problems.

She may not stand out in terms of academic, intellectual and athletic abilities, but she is proven to be very good at reading the atmosphere and being aware of how others feel. Her social intelligence is something to take note of. She was the one who wondered if Yukino actually wanted to be president. Yui also proves to be very good at singing and learning things.



Yui is such a great character and out of the trio is arguably the one come the furthest in growth as a character. Yui doesn’t have as many issues compared to Hachiman and Yukino, and after joining the club does her best even in things she is bad at. She’s sweet and proves to be an important park of the Service Club. Yui isn’t the main female lead, but I really wish she was. She’s not afraid to speak her mind any more, even if it causes problems.

She’s really what the anime needed and I’m glad for her existence.


That’s all I have to say, thanks for reading!

そんじゃ あばよ!!

All of Yuugi’s Friends Ranked

I’m almost done watching the anime and reading the manga for what will be the 11th time so why not continue to talk about it? Friendship is one of (if not) the most important theme in the series along with playing a children’s card game. But I’m not here to talk about the cards, I’m here to talk about friendship (no Mortal Kombat)!

Anyway, the friendships that I’ve seen throughout are the ones between Yuugi and his group of friends: Bakura, Honda/Tristan, Anzu/Tea, Jonouchi/Joey and Otogi/Duke. These five characters make up a group of close-knit friends who lending their support especially toward Yugi and Jonouchi whenever they duel. Today, I’ll be ranking each of these friends because while Yuugi wished for having friends when he solved the Millienuium Puzzle, some of them are definitely better than others.



Coming in last is Bakura. I would like to note that the actual/normal Bakura is a really nice guy and a genuine friend to Yuugi and the others. So why is he last? It’s because the evil spirit that dwells in his Millineium Ring can sometimes take over his body and mind and is able to mimic his host’s personality to the point he’s able to deceive Yuugi and his friends. The spirit has caused a lot of trouble for the gang even though it’s not Bakura’s fault. Comparing the manga and anime, Bakura’s presence also tends to be all over the place which is another reason why he’s at the bottom of my list.



Yes, I’m including him because Yuugi and his friends verbally stated that Bobasa is their friend. Bobasa’s role in the series is pretty limited, only appearing during the last arc. Despite not appearing much and being more of a comic-relief, he played a very important role in taking Yuugi to where the Pharaoh’s name was. That alone made up for his lack of screen time and showed that even though he loved food a lot, he helped his friends in a major way.



Mokuba isn’t the closest friend of Yuugi, but he’s more amiable toward him and his friends than Kaiba. He plays a supportive role and has shown to help them out even though it wouldn’t benefit him or his older brother. He showed concern for Jonouchi when it was believed he died, went to Yuugi when the Big 5 tried trapping his brother in a virtual game, and entrusted Yuugi to defeat Pegasus. While he does care about them and considered them friends too, his brother will always come first no matter what.



Speaking of his brother, he may never admit it, but he is a friend to Yuugi (and most likely just him). It’s something that Yuugi can befriend someone who kidnapped and hospitalized his grandpa just to steal his rare card and rip it to shreds so it will never be used against him but Yuugi is a kind and forgiving person. Kaiba considers Yuugi, more specifically Yami Yuugi to be his rival and the only duelist he acknowledges. He has helped Yuugi throughout the anime though like in his duel with Yami Marik where he gave him a card to help him win. In the anime, Kaiba is present and witnesses the final duel between Yuugi and Yami Yuugi even though he’s in charge of a huge gaming company and most likely had other things to do. If that’s not some kind of friendship then I don’t know what is!


Rebecca Hopkins

An anime exclusive character, Rebecca is the granddaughter of Professer Hopkins, Yuugi’s grandpa’s best friend. professor Hopkins is also the same guy who gave Yuugi’s grandpa the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. Rebecca is the youngest American Duel Monsters champion, and currently attends college. She appears only during the filler arcs, including hers, Doma, and the KC Grand Prix. As her introduction shows, she can be a bit of a brat and even though her relationship with Yuugi didn’t have the best start, they eventually become friends. While she is friends with Yuugi’s other friends, she does at times annoy Anzu because of her crush on him. It’s pretty cute though.

Anyway, she’s a genius both in dueling and intellectually which comes in handy as she helps a lot in the Doma arc with her computer hacking skillitez and the like.



Another friend of Yuugi’s who started out as an enemy of sorts. He first wanted to defeat Yuugi at his crappy game that’s just like Duel Monsters but for some reasons uses dice due to believing that he ruined his deal with Pegasus. After he’s beat at his own game he becomes a friend and all is forgiven! Seriously, the fact he humiliated Jonouchi by making him wear a dog suit and then wanted Yuugi to retire from Duel Monsters if he won… told you Yuugi is forgiving. He may not be the best duelist in the world, but he is competent and has appeared in a few tag duel matches with Honda and Shizuka, and Rebecca.

He even appears in the card art of Unity so you know he’s a true friend (sorry, Bakura)!



Mai didn’t start off as a friend because she felt the only person she could trust and depend on was herself. After meeting Yuugi and especially Jonouchi, she warms up to the idea of having friends. She eventually realizes that outside her Harpy Ladies, they were the first friends she ever had. She no longer had to be alone!

Yuugi dueled against the edgy Player Killer of Darkness to get her star chips back, and she was willing to return the favour by giving him her excess star chips. During the Duelist Kingdom tournament she gave Jonouchi her entry card after Bandit Keith stole his. Mai develops throughout the series and even though she’s still a sassy and independent woman, she is grateful for meeting all of them and cherishes their friendship.



His voice might give him super strength, but he’s a true friend to the end. He’s Jonouchi’s best friend and along with him originally teased and messed with Yuugi. While I’m writing, I want to say it’s incredible how these friendships turned out considering how some of them started. Honda isn’t much of a duelist so he’s usually verbally cheering on Yuugi or Jonouchi during their duels. He is one of the more physical strong characters and willing to defend his friends if others try harming them.

He even went as far as to give his life for Shizuka during the Noah arc. Like I said, a friend to the end.



Yuugi’s childhood friend and is the glue that keeps everyone together. In the first episode, she’s the one that came up with that hand sign which symbolized their friendship. While Anzu tends to be at the sidelines with Tristan, she has been shown to duel every now and then, even winning Star Chips for Yuugi during her duel with Mai. She really is willing to do anything for her friends.

Despite her love for them, she’s not above keeping Jonouchi and Honda in check when they get hyped or act irrational. When Yuugi was on his way to Egypt, she was the one who bought Yami Yuugi a necklace so he could write his name when he remembered it. Speaking of Egypt, the fact Anzu, Honda and Jonouchi all were willing to accompany Yuugi just speaks volumes and are the type of friends you want in your life.



Who else could be number one? Seriously, if you put the first syllables of their names for Yuugi (遊戯) and Jōnouchi, (城之内), together, you get yūjō (友情), the Japanese word for “friendship”. I know this series has been made fun of for its silliness and I don’t mind joining in, but it is deep too! While his dueling skills took some time to get where they are now, his love for his friends was always there! He was willing to risk his life by jumping into the ocean to get Yuugi’s Exodia cards when that asshole Haga threw them over. He could have gotten his Red-Eyes Black Dragon card back when Yuugi won it for him, but he let him keep it and only wanted it back after he became a true duelist.


And that’s my list! What do you think? How would you rank Yuugi’s friends? Or who do you think is Yuugi’s best friend? There’s a lot of anime about friendships, but Yu-Gi-Oh! will always be one of the best at portraying it. No matter how many times I watch the anime or read the manga, I am deeply touched by these characters’ bonds with each other.


That’s all I have to say, thanks for reading!

そんじゃ あばよ!!