My Reasons Why


Well this has been delayed for a bit, but I’m getting around to it so yay! I actually don’t have much in terms of an intro because I woke up today at around 5:00 am. My class starts in less than one week now. Being out of school makes me not want to go back to school. Wait ’till I get my bachelor’s degree though (which I will probably never use), and when I do, I’ll never have to think again! Oh yeah, I’ve finished my first beat! 🙂 Hooray! 999 more songs to go! I’ve been binge-listening to Japanese music, more specially City Pop. Not only for possible sampling purposes, but the genre in general is great for the ears. But enough of me talking and let’s get to the blog post!


I was nominated by tetrax4berium, that was in late July and I’m now getting around to it. Once again, I’d like to say thank you for the nomination. I truly appreciate it. My brother and I are currently residing at our parents’ house so it’s a bit more lively and I haven’t been writing as often as I should or like, but I can get this one done today. I hope my brother gets the job he wants ’cause he deserves it! Recently, I’ve been day dreaming and thinking about where I want to live in the future as an adult when I’m on my own and so far, I’ve only came down to three places: Orlando, Florida, Frankfurt, Germany or Tokyo, Japan.

“Wait a tick!”, you might be wondering. “Why Orlando? Why not New York or Los Angeles?”. My response would be, “Disney World, mothertrucker!”. Whilst I’m still somewhat on the topic of my brother, recent conversations about his relationships have made me realize something. Now, I’m still an optimistic idealist and there have been events personally and in the news that have tried shaking that. I truly do believe people are more good than awful, and that the times they are the latter it’s more because they’ve had a bad day or can’t think of a better way of expressing their anguish. But having more conversations with my brother and his interactions with people, it’s obvious some people are no good all the time. I’ve already came to this conclusion years ago, but I guess I’ll never truly understand some people.

I won’t be saying any names, but to give you some examples… I’ll never get why someone would be willing to cheat on their partner that they’ve been with for years. I’ll never get why someone would feel the need to talk about someone else behind their back. Also, why are people willing to settle? Not only in romantic relationships, but their jobs, friendships… Okay, I know we all see life through our own lenses, but what happened to standards? What happened to bare minimums? When I think about it, it’s more difficult to be an awful person than to be a good one. Do I expect people to do the right thing? Hell yes! Why? Because I always try to do the right thing so if I can do it, others can too!

Okay, now for a break. Here’s a classic Japanese album to listen to…



1. Mention the person who nominated you

2. List 13 reasons why you keep going/living

3. Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why

4. Use the picture that I created in your post


13 reasons? I’m going to break the rules from the start. I don’t have thirteen reasons why. The reasons why I keep going/living can actually be succinctly wrapped up in three:


1. Family and friends

I got family and friends to protect and feed. Financially, I want to be in a position where everyone can retire and they don’t have to worry about a damn thing. If I don’t deserve it, they all sure as hell do. They gave my life a meaning and another dimension. I love them all and I enjoy every moment I’m with them. Seeing and experiencing my family and friends’ love and support throughout this whole game of life… if that doesn’t keep me going, I don’t know what will.


2. My legacy

Hey, it’s not like everything I do is altruistic. My 1K project will become a reality and I’ll have left behind a life time’s worth of work. So even when my consciousness is no longer around, I’ll still be here in one form or another. How do I want to be remembered? Well, as long as there are people who appreciate the positive things I’ve done over the years, I’ll always be remembered. I would like to be known as the guy who had a lot to prove. I want my legacy to be filled with a lot of positivity, love and creativity.


3. To die with dignity

Death is the inevitable end for everybody and with that being the case, I might as well make sure everything that happens between birth and death is a memorable one. If life really does flash before your eyes when you die, then I want to make sure mine is worth watching. I’m also someone who will not settle for less than my best in every aspect of my life. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong in believing I deserve the very best life has to offer. Settling and taking the safe road isn’t my style and I can’t stress that enough.


And now here are the people I nominate…! The reader. Hee hee, people who’ve read similar posts already know this was going to happen. I don’t have anyone in particular I’d like to nominate so if you’re reading this, I’m nominating you. It’s up to you if you want to write this of course.

With all that being said, thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in the next blog posts! Starchaser out!

One thought on “My Reasons Why

  1. That’s well said there – “Don’t settle”. As someone who had gone with the “I’ll settle for this” route many times before, I look back and kind of just thought – no, more like regret.
    It’s nice to know the reasons that continue to drive you 🙂

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